Study Guide

The Girl Who Kicked the Hornet's Nest Chapter 19

By Stieg Larsson

Chapter 19

Saturday, June 4

  • Salander finishes her memoir and sends it to Blomkvist.
  • If Blomkvist's plan doesn't work, she'll escape from wherever they put her. She's doing it Blomkvist's way because it's a way to get revenge on those who screwed her over.
  • Salander decides to take a look at Armansky's computer, which she hacked into long ago.
  • She learns that Berger has a stalker. Even though Salander believes that Blomkvist chose Berger over her as a lover, she's over it now.
  • At Millennium, the book on the sex trade in Sweden left behind by the murdered journalist Dag Svensson is going to press.
  • Blomkvist plans to have his book on the Section, creatively titled The Section, published during Salander's trial, currently set for July 13.
  • Salander learns from Jonasson that she'll be transferred to jail in Stockholm the next day.
  • Berger feels sick as she heads for SMP. While Berger is at work, Salander pings Berger and gets Berger to let her hack SMP's computers.
  • Meanwhile, Figuerola wonders if she's in love with Blomkvist, and they plan to get much cozier after all this Salander business is over.

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