Study Guide

The Girl Who Kicked the Hornet's Nest Chapter 2

By Stieg Larsson

Chapter 2

Friday, April 8

  • Modig and Holmberg meet up with Blomkvist and Erlander in Göteborg. Blomkvist learns that Salander is still unconscious after brain surgery, and that Zalachenko is recovering well.
  • Blomkvist reveals he knows where Salander's been living, but is determined to protect her privacy because she's "innocent and the police have destroyed her reputation" (2.30).
  • Richard Ekström is really nervous when he meets with Bublanski. Ekström was in charge of the triple murder investigation, and Salander was his chief suspect. Now, it seems that Ronald Niedermann is the real murderer.
  • Bublanski tells Ekström that Salander has been a victim of a corrupt system for years, and that he won't stand for it any more.
  • Gunnar Björk, the man who wrote the report recommending Salander be committed to a psychiatric hospital when she was twelve, is brought into the police station for questioning.
  • Blomkvist calls his sister, Annika Giannini, a lawyer. He says Salander needs a lawyer and Annika's the best one for the job. Reluctantly, she agrees to take on Salander's case.
  • The Göteborg police and the Stockholm police discuss all the people Niedermann is suspected of killing – at least eight that they know of.
  • Around noon they learn that a woman named Anita Kaspersson is missing and they think Niedermann has kidnapped her.
  • Giannini visits Erika Berger at the offices of Millennium magazine.
  • Berger confesses to her that she's taken a job as editor in chief at a huge news operation called SMP. She feels guilty about abandoning Millennium, and she can't bring herself to tell her coworkers that she's leaving.
  • Gianni advises Berger to tell the staff right away and to tell Blomkvist as soon as possible (he's out of the office).
  • Berger calls a meeting, giving the sad news. Malin Eriksson is given Berger's old job as editor in chief of Millennium. The staff congratulates her, then throws her a little going away party with coffee and cake.

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