Study Guide

The Girl Who Kicked the Hornet's Nest Chapter 21

By Stieg Larsson

Chapter 21

Saturday, June 4 - Monday, June 6

  • Blomkvist pings Salander and learns she's being moved to the jail tomorrow.
  • Greger Beckman (Erika Berger's husband) comes home, meets Linder, and learns of his wife's stalker.
  • Before Salander leaves for jail, Jonasson gives her a book about the latest DNA research.
  • Also just before heading to jail and losing her secret internet access, Salander learns that Berger's stalker is Peter Fredriksson, who is close to Berger, and helps her out at SMP. Salander quickly sends a message to Blomkvist, telling him to pass the news on to Berger.
  • Salander is taken to prison.
  • Blomkvist calls Berger and tells her the identity of her stalker.
  • Berger tells Linder about Fredriksson. Linder decides to confront him, but instead follows him to Berger's secluded home.
  • She catches Fredriksson peeping into Berger's house. She hits him with her baton and handcuffs him.
  • Next, Linder drives Fredriksson to his house, takes all of Erika's belongings back, and steals Fredriksson's hard drive.
  • She learns that Fredriksson went to high school with Erika and resented her because she was popular and beautiful and didn't notice him.
  • Linder warns him to leave Berger alone – she will be watching him. She also warns him not to return to SMP.
  • Linder gives back Berger's stolen items, and Berger is extremely relieved and grateful.

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