Study Guide

The Girl Who Kicked the Hornet's Nest Chapter 22

By Stieg Larsson

Chapter 22

Monday, June 6

  • Berger wakes up feeling better.
  • At SMP, her boss, Borgsjö, angrily calls her into his office.
  • He accuses her of being a "media whore" (22.21). Apparently, Fredriksson sent him a copy of Cortez's article exposing his involvement in child labor.
  • Berger tries to explain that none of this was her idea. He is mad. She tells him he needs to resign. He tells her she needs to keep Millennium from publishing the article.
  • Berger calls in the news editor, Holm, who she previously clashed with, and tells him she's resigning.
  • She gives him Cortez's story on Borgsjö and asks if he'll publish it on the front page of SMP. He agrees. Berger calls Cortez and gets him to OK the maneuver.
  • Eriksson begs Berger to come back and be editor in chief of Millennium anyway. Berger accepts.
  • Meanwhile, Figuerola identifies additional possible members of the Section.
  • Teleborian visits Salander in jail. She refuses to speak to him and ponders killing him.
  • He's sure she'll lose in court.
  • Berger says bye-bye-bye to SMP and drives to Millennium.

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