Study Guide

The Girl Who Kicked the Hornet's Nest Chapter 23

By Stieg Larsson

Chapter 23

Friday, July 1 - Sunday, July 10

  • Blomkvist's book, The Section, is sent to the printers and is planned to release on the first day of Salander's trial. Blomkvist goes to his cabin in Sandhamn and Figuerola soon joins him.
  • She want know if he's "in love" (23.29) with Salander or Berger.
  • He says, "If love is liking someone an awful lot, then I suppose I'm in love with several people" (23.31). Figuerola wants to know who he's brought to the cabin in the past.
  • He's brought his ex-wife, Berger, Salander, another woman, and a woman he met a few years ago (Harriet Vanger).
  • He claims, "I read books, I write, and I relax and sit on the wharf and look at boats. It is not a secret love nest" (23.45).
  • Blomkvist admits things are getting serious with Figuerola and she feels sad.
  • Cortez's story is published in SMP, and Borgsjö resigns.
  • Wadensjöö confronts Clinton. He doesn't want the Section involved in illegal activity.
  • Clinton wants to kill Salander. Wadensjöö wants the murder to stop. Nyström comes in. He's worried. Salander had given her autobiographical statement to the prosecution.
  • Ekström is also upset about Salander's story. He tells Giannini it's all lies. She says it's all true.
  • The Section finds out where Blomkvist's book is being printed, and they set out to try and read it.
  • They spot a Milton Security vehicle parked at the printer's and have to abort their mission.
  • They decide to plant fifty grams of cocaine in Blomkvist's apartment to discredit him.
  • Figuerola learns that the Section was at the publishing house. When she calls Edklinth to tell him, he says to call Blomkvist and fill him in. She doesn't have to, because Blomkvist is right next to her in bed.

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