Study Guide

The Girl Who Kicked the Hornet's Nest Chapter 24

By Stieg Larsson

Chapter 24

Monday, July 11

  • Linder calls Blomkvist around 6am to tell him his Milton Security alarm went off.
  • Blomkvist watches a surveillance video at Milton Security with Armansky and Linder.
  • Jonas Sandberg of the Section is seen going into Blomkvist's apartment using his own key.
  • Sandburg plants a bag of white powder in Blomkvist's speaker and a wad of cash in his dresser.
  • They decide to give Edklinth one copy of the video and take another copy to Blomkvist's connection at TV4. If Blomkvist is arrested, his connection can publically air the video on TV.
  • Clinton and Nyström hire the Nikolich brothers to murder Blomkvist while he's having dinner with Berger. It will look like a drug hit, and Blomkvist's book will be discredited.
  • Prosecutor Gustavsson of the National Prosecutor's Office is preparing to have the members of the Section arrested during Salander's trial.
  • Figuerola's colleague Jesper Thomas tells Figuerola that Nyström (a member of the Section) was seen with two hit men at a coffee shop. She realizes immediately that Blomkvist is in danger. She's in a meeting with Edklinth, Bublanski, Modig, and Andersson at the time.
  • Figuerola, Modig, and Anderson rush off for Samir's Cauldron where Blomkvist and Berger are having dinner.
  • When Blomkvist goes to the bathroom he almost collides with a man with a machine gun. The man pulls the gun. Blomkvist grabs the gun and aims it at the ceiling. It goes off.
  • Blomkvist throws himself on the man and battles him until Figuerola and company arrive and pull the man off him. Both Nikolich brothers are arrested.
  • Blomkvist and Figuerola meet at the ER where Blomkvist gets treatment.
  • Blomkvist and Berger are moved to a safe house. Figuerola and Berger chat. Berger explains that she will try to stay away from Blomkvist while he's seeing Figuerola. She doesn't want to stand in their way.

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