Study Guide

The Girl Who Kicked the Hornet's Nest Chapter 28

By Stieg Larsson

Chapter 28

Friday, July 15 - Saturday, July 16

  • Suddenly, Prosecutor Ekström realizes he's been duped by Teleborian and the Section, and that "[Salander] is a victim, pure and simple" (28.15).
  • Giannini asks Judge Iverson to find Salander innocent of the charges against her, release her from the declaration of incompetence, and compensate her for the crimes against her.
  • Judge Iverson says Salander can go home now, and she'll decide everything else on Monday.
  • Salander says that won't do. If they let her go, she will flee and never come back.
  • Giannini backs her up and says the court must make a decision now.
  • Good news! "At 6:00 that evening Judge Iverson decided to release Salander and revoke her declaration of incompetence" (28.64). Giannini calls Blomkvist to tell him.
  • Blomkvist and Millennium are watching the news. The tape of the Section planting cocaine in Blomkvist's apartment is being aired. The Section, Blomkvist's book is a huge hit.
  • Berger and Blomkvist talk about Figuerola. Berger says Figuerola is "in love" (28.100) with him. He says he might be "in love" (28.101) with her too. (!) Berger says, "I promise to keep my distance until, you know…well, maybe" (28.103).
  • Salander asks Giannini to take her to her old apartment so she can see her friend and lover Mimmi. Giannini says Mimmi is in Paris right now.
  • Salander and Giannini decide Giannini will continue to be Salander's lawyer, and Salander confides the address of her new apartment to Giannini.
  • Salander tries to thank Giannini, but can't find the words until Giannini has already driven away.

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