Study Guide

The Girl Who Kicked the Hornet's Nest Chapter 29

By Stieg Larsson

Chapter 29

Saturday, July 16 - Friday, October 7

  • Salander gets home at last. She finds her Palm, her shoulder bag and her keys, and stacks of her mail – some opened and some not. She realizes Blomkvist has been here, sleeping in her bed and making himself right at home.
  • She finds a short note from Blomkvist with his cell phone number. She sees this as a message that he won't try to contact her – it's all up to her now.
  • Suddenly, she feels massively in debt to all those who helped her. She doesn't like it.
  • She decides to vacation in Gibraltar. She hangs out with her old friends the apes at the Rock of Gibraltar.
  • She drinks a lot and has a short affair with a married German man.
  • She visits MacMillan, the guy who manages her fortune (which she stole from Hans-Erik Wenneström), and gets a progress report from him on her investments.
  • She still has enough money for several lifetimes.
  • Salander stays in Gibraltar for three months, until MacMillan persuades her to go visit Mimmi in Paris. She flies to Paris and reunites with Mimmi, who is in college there.
  • Mimmi is staying in Paris for some time, but she still wants to be friends with Salander.

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