Study Guide

The Girl Who Kicked the Hornet's Nest Chapter 6

By Stieg Larsson

Chapter 6

Monday, April 11

  • Gullberg, now officially retired from the Section, visits Birger Wadensjöö, the new head of the Section. Wadensjöö introduces him to Jonas Sandberg and Georg Nyström. They discuss the Zalachenko problem.
  • In the morning, a nurse finds Salander's pencil and takes it away. When Dr. Jonasson comes in, she confides in him that Zalachenko tried to kill her. He promises to visit again soon.
  • Meanwhile, Gullberg and the Section plan to get Ekström, the Stockholm prosecutor on their side. Then have Modig and Bublanski (obvious Salander sympathizers) removed from the investigation.
  • Officer Hans Faste (proven Salander-hater) can lead the investigation. They also need to steal all copies of Björck's report that show he conspired with Teleborian to have Salander committed to a psychiatric institution when she was only twelve.
  • After the meeting, Gullberg goes to Fredrik Clinton's house. Clinton is 68 and dying.
  • Gullberg convinces Clinton to do one last job for the Section.
  • Gullberg brings Clinton back to the Section and more scheming ensues. The Section decides to keep Blomkvist and Giannini under surveillance and steal their copies of Björck's report.
  • Gullberg thinks he has a plan to convince Zalachenko to keep their secrets.
  • Erlander and Modig visit Salander. She agrees to have Giannini as her lawyer and says she doesn't know where Niedermann is. She realizes they don't know he's her brother.
  • They tell Salander that Zalachenko filed a complaint of attempted murder against her.
  • Modig tells her they don't believe Zalachenko.
  • Salander can't believe how polite they are. They must have some hidden agenda.

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