Study Guide

The Girl Who Kicked the Hornet's Nest Chapter 7

By Stieg Larsson

Chapter 7

Monday, April 11 - Tuesday, April 12

  • Blomkvist, Armansky, Holger Palmgren (Salander's beloved ex-guardian ) and their teams meet and build a strategy for proving Salander innocent and exposing the crimes against her.
  • Gullberg takes a train to Göteborg. On the train he writes twelve letters, and makes sure his fingerprints are on each one. He makes copies at the train station, then mails the originals.
  • Salander wakes up to find Zalachenko watching her. After he goes away, she decides to kill him. She can break the water glass on her nightstand and use that as a weapon. She takes off the electrodes stuck to her body and gets up. A nurse comes in and makes her go back to bed.
  • Tuesday morning Giannini comes to visit her. Giannini gives Salander a cryptic message from Blomkvist. Salander takes it to mean that Blomkvist hasn't told anybody Salander's secrets – that she is a hacker with a photographic memory, and that she has a DVD of her evil-ex-guardian Nils Bjurman savagely raping her.
  • Tuesday morning Gullberg faxes copies of his letters to various locations.
  • Gullberg is now in the elevator at Salander's hospital. He has flowers. Giannini is in the same elevator. She's going to see Salander again after a meeting with the police.
  • Gullberg sneaks into Zalachenko's room and shoots Zalachenko in the head three times.
  • Next, he goes to Salander's room and waves his gun at Giannini. She slams the door, barricades it, and then locks herself and Salander in the bathroom.
  • Gullberg goes back to Zalachenko's room, sits down, and shoots himself in the head.
  • Dr. Jonasson operates on Gullberg and he lives for a few days.
  • It is soon revealed to the public that Gullberg is a retired tax lawyer who was being investigated by Säpo for faxing threats to the government and specific threats against Zalachenko. Hmm… another cover-up.
  • Wadensjöö learns that Gullberg had cancer and that he and Clinton had planned Gullberg's suicide mission as a way to keep Zalachenko silent and the Section a secret.
  • Later, two men hang Björck in his home, making it look like suicide.
  • Members of the Section break into Blomkvist's apartment.
  • Giannini is attacked and somebody steals her briefcase, with the Björck report inside it.
  • When Blomkvist gets home, he sees that the folder with his copy of the Björck report has been stolen.
  • Blomkvist is sure his phone is bugged. When he calls his sister, he makes sure to sound very upset that their most important piece of evidence is gone. Hehe. Now he's feeding lies to the Section.

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