Study Guide

The Girl Who Kicked the Hornet's Nest Chapter 8

By Stieg Larsson

Chapter 8

Sunday, May 1 - Monday, May 2

  • It's Berger's first day as editor in chief at the Svenska Morgon-Posten, or SMP, a huge news operation. She meets Håkan Morander who has been editor in chief for twelve years.
  • His office, now Berger's, is a "glass cage" with a view of the whole newsroom.
  • He tells Erika that SMP is in trouble and she is the only one who can save it.
  • Meanwhile, Blomkvist is being followed by men in a gray Volvo registered to Göran Mårtensson, who seems to be Säpo. Christer Malm from Millennium takes pictures of the men following Blomkvist.
  • Blomkvist buys untraceable cell phones for his team to use for sensitive conversations.
  • Blomkvist tells Armansky (of Milton Security) about Säpo men following him.
  • Armansky has a lot of respect for Säpo. Much of their work is in combating neo-Nazis. But it looks like there's some group within Säpo that's up to no good.
  • Armansky asks Blomkvist to trust Armansky to talk to a friend inside Säpo, a man who can help Salander. Blomkvist agrees.

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