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The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo Technology and Modernization

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Technology and Modernization

In Armansky's eyes, Salander was […] the most able investigator he had met in all his years in the business. (2.9)

Hacking is a key to Salander's success, but her ability to process and organize and interpret the information she finds is what truly sets her apart as a PI.

[Salander:] "The electronic cuff you talked about two weeks ago. Did you get it?" (6.63)

Plague's invention, the electronic cuff, allows Salander to take over Wennerström's computer.

From it he took books, CDs and a CD player, notebooks, a Sanyo tape recorder, a Microtek scanner, a portable ink jet printer, a Minolta digital camera, and a number of other items he regarded as essential for a year in exile. (8.82)

Ever wondered what technology Blomkvist would take to a deserted island? Well, here's your answer.

[…] he […] put his iBook on the desk in his office. Then he stopped and looked about him with a sheepish expression. […] There was nowhere to plug in the broadband cable. He did not even have a telephone jack to connect an old dial-up modem. (8.84)

Ha ha. Has this ever happened to you? Nothing sadder than a computer without an Internet connection.

In the second week of February, Salander's laptop fell victim to an accident that was so uncalled for she felt an urgent desire to kill someone. (11.102)

This laptop accident is what puts the whole Salander-Bjurman plot in motion. Then again, Bjurman would surely have raped her anyway at some point. That's his plan.

[Salander:] "Where's the lens, you're wondering. That's the great think about it. Wide angle fibre optics. The lens looks like a button and sits hidden in the buckle of the shoulder strap." (14.50)

Salander uses her rucksack with video camera technology to foil Bjurman's plan to take over her life.

[Blomkvist:] "You've been in my computer, Fröken Salander. You're a f***ing hacker." (17.191)

Technology brings Salander and Blomkvist together.

[Trinity] switched on his laptop. "OK, she called the following number, which is a telephone in a town called Alice Springs [...]." (25.187)

Although Blomkvist's good old-fashioned investigating and character confessions ultimately solve the mystery of Harriet, technology is what actually lets Blomkvist find her.

[Salander:] "I admit it. I just have no idea how it works. It's not only computers and telephone networks, but the motor in my bike, and TV sets and vacuum cleaners and chemical properties and formulae in astrophysics. I'm a nut case, I admit it: a freak." (27.96)

Poor Salander – she is born for technology, but she feels like this connection makes her somehow less than human.

Salander worked in a trancelike state. The account – click – email – click – balance sheets – click. […] It was as if she were part of the impulses is cyberspace. (29.8)

Salander uses technology to figure out how to steal all of Wennerström's money. For visuals of in-the-zone hacking, check out the (appropriately-titled) movie Hackers.

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