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The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo Chapter 11

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Chapter 11

Saturday, February 1 – Tuesday, February 18

  • Blomkvist takes Berger to meet Henrik. Henrik tells Berger he wants to invest, as a partner, in Millennium, which he knows is having money problems due to the Wennerström affair.
  • Back in the guesthouse, Blomkvist realizes that Berger planned the deal with Vanger.
  • At dinner, Berger accepts Henrik's offer without consulting Blomkvist.
  • In bed later, he learns Berger's been making a deal with Vanger for a week. She did it for revenge. They make love again. Blomkvist gets over his irritation by the time she leaves Sunday.
  • Blomkvist learns that Harriet changed from a social girl to an isolated one during the last year of her life. She also became more religious, exploring versions of Christianity.
  • Morell thought Harriet's friend Anita Vanger might have known something, but she didn't.
  • Morell thinks Harriet's date book holds a clue.
  • In the back, there's a page where three names and two sets of initials, each with a five-digit number, like a phone number, next to it. Morell doesn't know what it means.
  • In mid-February, Salander requests a meeting with Nils Bjurman. Her state-of-the-art iBook got run over by a car in the Milton Security parking garage.
  • Since Bjurman controls her account she has to ask him for the money to buy a new one. They are meeting at 7:30pm at his office.
  • Blomkvist is satisfied with Morell's investigation and doesn't think he can find anything new. Around 7:30 he sees a light go on at Cecilia's across the way. He goes over.
  • Cecilia seduces him and they make love.
  • At Bjurman's office, he touches Salander's breast. She keeps her cool, afraid of the consequences if she loses her temper.
  • He says he'll have her locked up if she doesn't do what he says.
  • He makes her perform oral sex. In the bathroom, she's shaking and trying to get his semen off her clothes, and the taste of it out her mouth. He writes her a check and she leaves.

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