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The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo Chapter 14

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Chapter 14

Saturday, March 8 – Monday, March 17

  • Salander spends a week in bed. She has rectal bleeding and abdominal pain.
  • She reads up on sadism and realizes that Bjurman chose her because she looks like a victim.
  • The Friday after the rape, Salander gets a tattoo on her ankle, to remind her.
  • On Saturday, Blomkvist eats, reads, and thinks.
  • On Saturday, Salander returns to Bjurman's apartment. She leads him to the bedroom.
  • Then she takes out a taser and presses it into his armpit until she can force him to the bed.
  • Cecilia thinks of how her father Harald ruined her life. She thinks of how badly she was beaten when she was married. Around 8:30pm, she calls Blomkvist.
  • Bjurman is hurting, and none too happy to find himself handcuffed and tied to his bed.
  • He's shocked that Salander has the power position. She finds his toys and forces an anal plug into his anus.
  • There was a recorder in her purse when he raped her, and she taped the whole thing. She plays it for him.
  • She tells him that if he doesn't want the recording made public he'll a) give her back control of her bank account, b) file great reports on her, and c) get her out of guardianship.
  • She makes him give her a set of keys to his place and orders him not to change the locks. She swears if she sees him with a girl again while he's her guardian the recording will be released.
  • If anything happens to her, the recording will be released.
  • Above his crotch she tattoos the words "I AM A SADISTIC PIG, A PERVERT, AND A RAPIST" (14.93). Then she leaves.
  • After Blomkvist and Cecilia make love, he tells her has to go away to prison. Cecilia feels sad.
  • On Monday, Salander checks in with Armansky, asking if he has work for her. Annoyed because she hasn't been around, he says no.
  • On the radio, Salander hears that Henrik Vanger is partnering with Millennium and that Blomkvist is in jail. On TV, Berger and Vanger declare war on Wennerström.
  • Salander researches. She sees that the investigation into Blomkvist she did for Dirch Frode is connected with Hans Wennerström and Henrik Vanger. She'll enjoy finding out how.

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