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The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo Chapter 15

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Chapter 15

Friday, May 16 – Saturday, May 31

  • Blomkvist gets out of prison early. His time in prison isn't bad at all. The prison is mild, and the other guys like him because he was on TV. He works on Harriet's case the whole time.
  • When he gets out, he goes straight back to Hedeby. Vanger is happy to see him and they dine.
  • Around 9pm, Blomkvist goes to see Cecilia. She lets him in, but doesn't want to see him.
  • He goes down by the water and sees Martin at the helm of his huge yacht.
  • Then he goes home and looks at the photos of Harriet at the Children's Day parade, and then at the pictures of Hedeby the day of Harriet's disappearance.
  • He gets the feeling he's seeing something he missed before when he notices that Cecilia is in some twenty of the pictures. He looks at the photos, trying to figure out what he's seeing.
  • Around 11pm, Cecilia comes over, dressed like she was back in 1966.
  • She says she felt abandoned when Blomkvist left, and he surprised her earlier today. She asks if they can pick up where they left off and starts getting undressed.
  • The next morning, Erika Berger surprises them in bed. She apologizes profusely, then makes them breakfast. Blomkvist explains his relationship with Berger to Cecilia.
  • Later, Cecilia, Henrik, Blomkvist, and Berger have a pleasant dinner together.
  • On Monday, Berger leaves. Blomkvist gets the keys to Gottfried's cabin, where he drowned and where Harriet spent much of her time the last year of her life.
  • At the cabin, he finds comics, magazines, mystery novels, and Harriet's Confirmation Bible.
  • About a week later Blomkvist visits Cecilia. She tells him she likes him but can't handle being with him, considering his relationship with Berger. He says he wants to still be her friend.
  • She says she wants that too, but needs her space right now.

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