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The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo Chapter 18

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Chapter 18

Wednesday, June 18

  • Salander wakes up with a hangover. She'd been drinking with her friend Mimmi and her friends from the Evil Fingers. She and Mimmi had spent the night together. Mimmi has already left.
  • Salander doesn't label her own sexuality. She prefers guys but likes Mimmi.
  • At 9:30, her doorbell rings. She wraps herself in a sheet and finds Blomkvist at her door.
  • He comes in, bearing bagels and grinning at her. He says he wants to hire her, and has talked to Armansky about it.
  • She takes a shower and comes out to find Blomkvist has made coffee and is doing her dishes.
  • He tells her he knows she's a hacker, but that he's not trying to blackmail her. He needs her help.
  • He explains the case, and tells her he wants her to find out who the names and initials in Harriet's date book belong to. She agrees to take the case.
  • Back in Hedeby, Blomkvist finds that somebody has been snooping in his guesthouse.
  • He has the locks changed, then goes to Frode's to have him sign Salander's contract.

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