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The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo Chapter 19

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Chapter 19

Thursday, June 19 – Sunday, June 29

  • Blomkvist goes to the hospital to see Henrik. Birger Vanger, Cecilia's brother tries to stop him from going in. On his way out he runs into Birger again, and Birger is hostile.
  • Next, he runs into Cecilia. When he says he wants to talk to her about Harriet, she gets mad.
  • Frode visits Blomkvist that evening and tells him that Cecilia wants him to stop the investigation.
  • But Blomkvist is under contract and Henrik wants him to keep investigating. Tough luck, Cecilia.
  • Next, Martin Vanger shows up. He's very nice, but wants Blomkvist to be careful about upsetting Henrik. He agrees to talk with Erika about taking over for Henrik on Millennium's board.
  • Salander visits her mother, who doesn't recognize her.
  • Meanwhile, Blomkvist tries to find the couple in the picture with Harriet on Children's Day.
  • Salander identifies one of the names in Harriet's date book. Magda Lovisa was murdered in 1960. Her murder matches the passage from Leviticus next to her name in the date book.
  • Salander identifies another name from Harriet's date book, a murdered girl named Rakel Lunde.
  • Salander adds a name to her list, Lea Persson. She's not in Harriet's book but Salander thinks she should be. Her murder matches a passage in Leviticus.
  • Around 10 on Sunday morning, Blomkvist arrives at Mildred Berrgren's house.
  • She's the woman from the picture at the Children's Day parade. She actually still has the pictures she took back then.
  • Blomkvist finds the picture he wants. He can see there's somebody in the picture, but that somebody is too blurry to make out.

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