Study Guide

The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo Chapter 20

By Stieg Larsson

Chapter 20

Tuesday, July 1 – Wednesday, July 2

  • Back in Hedeby, Blomkvist learns that Martin has been in touch with Berger, and that he wants her to pressure Blomkvist into going back to work at Millennium now.
  • Blomkvist sees Frode and learns that Isabella Vanger has been pressuring her son Martin to stop Blomkvist from investigating.
  • Salander drives her Kawasaki out to Hedeby and she and Blomkvist have dinner.
  • Salander has identified the five murdered women in Harriet's date book, plus three that should have been on the list.
  • The women were killed in various parts of the country, from 1949-1966.
  • The rape-murders must be somehow connected with the Vanger family.