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The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo Chapter 21

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Chapter 21

Thursday, July 3 – Thursday, July 10

  • The next morning, Martin shows up. He wants Blomkvist back to work at Millennium ASAP.
  • He agrees to do whatever he can to keep the family off Blomkvist's back so Blomkvist can try to solve the mystery of Harriet fast and get back to Millennium as soon as possible.
  • After Martin leaves, Blomkvist asks Salander to read the police report. He notices she's not concentrating, just skimming, and wonders why she's so thorough with reading habits like that.
  • Blomkvist and Salander examine the picture Blomkvist found from the Children's Day parade. They agree that the blurry person in the picture seems to be staring at Harriet.
  • They manipulate the image and can see that the mystery person is a man, wearing a dark jacket with a red patch on the shoulder.
  • One day, Salander asks Blomkvist what he thinks of Otto Falk. As a pastor, he has plenty of biblical knowledge. He was also close to Harriet, and the last person to see her alive.
  • He has an alibi, but his church was burned down and there's arson in several of the murders they've identified. Tortured animals are also involved in many of them.
  • They decide to look for more cases of animal torture in the areas.
  • Salander doesn't get Blomkvist. Even after she transferred everything on his iBook to hers, so she can still investigate if they fire her, he doesn't get mad. He seems to totally respect her.
  • After a week, Salander seduces Blomkvist and they sleep together.
  • When they wake the next morning, they find a dismembered and burned up cat on the porch.
  • The head of the cat has been removed from the body, but is intact.
  • Blomkvist recognizes it as Tjorven.

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