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The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo Chapter 22

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Chapter 22

Thursday, July 10

  • Salander and Blomkvist decide they are definitely being threatened to stay off the case.
  • Salander wonders if there could be two Vangers involved, an older one and a younger one.
  • Blomkvist interviews Otto Falk, the pastor. The man isn't mentally sound. He tells Blomkvist, "[Harriet's] looking for the forbidden truth. She isn't a good Christian" (22.59).
  • Sander goes back to Stockholm to get Armansky to OK the extended contract she has with Frode, to keep assisting Blomkvist. On the way back she visits her mom in the nursing home.
  • Blomkvist decides that Harriet was doing the same murder investigation he's doing today.
  • He keeps trying to talk to Cecilia about why she was in Harriet's room. She won't talk to him.
  • One evening, Blomkvist goes jogging and somebody starts shooting at him. The first shot hits a concrete wall, and a big piece of concrete hits Blomkvist in the temple.
  • After a lot of running and fear, he evades the person gunning for him.
  • Back at his place, Salander gives him bandages. Next he goes to talk to Cecilia.
  • She denies knowing who's trying to kill him, and she claims to not be the person in the picture who was in Harriet's bedroom the day she died.
  • Salander takes Blomkvist to the hospital for stitches, and then sets up motion detectors, alarms, and security cameras around the guesthouse.

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