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The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo Chapter 23

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Chapter 23

Friday, July 11

  • Blomkvist and Salander look at the pictures of Hedeby, and wonder why Cecilia's in so many.
  • Maybe the killer is a now-dead Vanger and a younger Vanger doesn't want the family's secret exposed.
  • If that's so, why would the young Vanger allude to the murders by burning the cat?
  • Salander quotes from Leviticus, pondering the verses. Blomkvist asks her to recite another, and then another. Suddenly Blomkvist realizes Salander has a photographic memory.
  • He tells her his discovery and she gets mad and runs out. Blomkvist finds her sitting on the dock and apologizes for upsetting her. He thinks that having such a memory is a great gift.
  • They walk to the church and borrow the key to the Vanger family crypt.
  • Inside, it smells like recently burned cat, and they find the blowtorch the cat was burned with.
  • The next day, Blomkvist arranges to have Salander do research in the Vanger Corporation archives.
  • Blomkvist gets into Henrik's office to look at Henrik's photo albums that he has yet to see.
  • There's a picture from the day of the disappearance. In it, you can see Cecilia Vanger and a woman who looks just like her and is wearing the same kind of clothes! It's her sister, Anita Vanger.
  • That's who was in Harriet's room! And that's why it seems like Cecilia is in so many pictures.
  • He finds another picture. In it is a young man, wearing a dark jacket with a red patch on the shoulder. It's the person Harriet was frightened of at the Children's Day parade – none other than Martin Vanger!
  • Blomkvist tries to call Salander to tell her about Martin but she has her phone off.
  • At the newspaper, Salander links Gottfried (father of Harriet and Martin) with most of the murders. But there was another murder after his death. Hmmm.
  • Blomkvist goes to Martin's. Martin invites him in. He forces Blomkvist into his basement. The basement is a torture chamber/recording studio.
  • Martin makes Blomkvist get on the floor. He handcuffs and beats him.
  • He puts a chain around Blomkvist's neck and chains him to the floor.
  • Martin says he's going to kill Blomkvist and asks where Salander is.
  • Blomkvist says she's back in Stockholm. Martin says he knows she's at the archives.

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