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The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo Chapter 28

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Chapter 28

Tuesday, July 29 – Friday, October 24

  • Blomkvist learns how Salander hacked Wennerström's computer: she wrapped the cuff Plague invented around Wennerström's broadband connection and did a "Hostile Takeover" (28.14).
  • She has Wennerström's computer on hers. She can operate it, and watch all that happens on it.
  • Blomkvist learns that a Millennium employee, Janne Dahlman, is a Wennerström informer.
  • Erika Berger is out of town. Blomkvist meets the other magazine employees and they plan to feed Dahlman misinformation. Salander hacks his office computer.
  • Berger comes back into town but Blomkvist avoids her, not ready to tell her all about Hedeby Island.
  • He sets up shop at his cabin in Sandhamn and continues researching Wennerström.
  • He and Berger exchange emails. She asks questions, and he promises to reveal info later.
  • Salander comes out to the cabin. After going back to Stockholm to do a job for Armansky, she stays with Blomkvist for four months.
  • She learns from Blomkvist that Wennerström hurts women, and reads his files with new interest.
  • Blomkvist emails Berger and says he wants to run a forty-page special issue for December.
  • He wants Berger to open a publishing company and arrange to publish a book he's writing.
  • Berger emails that she's met Harriet Vanger, now CEO of the Vanger Corporation.
  • Harriet emails Blomkvist, thanking him, and asking if he's OK with her being on Millennium's board. He emails her that he's happy to have her on board, representing Vanger Corporation.
  • Blomkvist tells Salander that if he's going to publish the material on Wennerström he needs to reveal Salander to Berger as his source. He assures her that Berger can be trusted. Salander says OK.
  • Janne Dahlman, the informer, quits Millennium, and Berger hires Malin Eriksonn.
  • Salander, Berger, and Blomkvist have a five-hour meeting on the Wennerström affair.
  • Blomkvist can't tell Berger the story of Hedeby Island. He'd rather Harriet tell it to her. Blomkvist tells Berger that Salander saved his life.
  • Berger hugs Salander, and Salander tries to get away.

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