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The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo Chapter 29

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Chapter 29

Saturday, November 1 – Tuesday, November 25

  • Salander has spent weeks going over Wennerström's financial empire. He's supposed to be worth almost 90 billion kroner, but is really worth about ten percent of that, a hefty sum.
  • He launders money for all manner of illegal enterprises. She identifies his sold assets.
  • Salander asks Blomkvist if she can borrow 120,000 kroner. He says she doesn't need to borrow it; he's giving her half the money Henrik is paying him. She doesn't want Henrik's money.
  • She uses the money she borrows from Blomkvist to fund a trip to Zurich, traveling in disguise using the name Irene Nesser. She checks into one hotel as Irene, and another as Monica Sholes.
  • Disguised as Monica, Salander visits Zurich banks and transfers much of Wennerström's money into accounts she opens as Irene. She stashes funds in safe deposit boxes.
  • She checks out of both hotels and heads back to Stockholm.

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