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The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo Chapter 6

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Chapter 6

Thursday, December 26

  • It's around 4:30, and Henrik is telling Blomkvist that he's sure a family member killed Harriet.
  • Harriet is last seen about 3pm. Around that time, a news photographer is around, taking pictures of the tanker accident. He also takes pictures of everybody on the island.
  • Henrik shows Blomkvist an album with those photos. In another album, he shows photos taken of the Children's Day parade. There are a few shots of Harriet.
  • Two of the shots taken by the news photographer are of Harriet's upstairs bedroom. In one, the window is closed. In another, taken later in the day at 3:45, it's open.
  • Somebody was in her room, but no family member will admit to being in there.
  • Family members shown in other photos at the same time can be eliminated as suspects.
  • Blomkvist is skeptical of Henrik's theories and doesn't understand why Henrik is pursuing this.
  • Henrik admits he's been obsessed with finding Harriet's killer ever since she disappeared.
  • After the police stopped their very thorough investigation, Henrik keeps on investigating.
  • Meanwhile, at 6pm, Salander visits Plague. She gives him 5000 kronor in exchange for an "electronic cuff." (You'll learn more about the cuff later on.)
  • Henrik is telling Blomkvist that every year, from the time Harriet was eight years old, she gave him a pressed flower in a frame. He shows Blomkvist the rows of framed flowers.
  • In 1967, after Harriet's disappearance, and every year thereafter, he gets a pressed flower in the mail on his birthday.
  • Henrik feels that Harriet's murderer is doing it to torture him.
  • After leaving Plague's, Salander sneaks into Milton Security, into Armansky's office, and updates herself on everything happening at Milton.
  • Meanwhile, Henrik is telling Blomkvist that he'll pay him 2.4 million kroner to move to Hedeby for a year, write the biography, and solve the murder. He gets paid whether he solves it or not.
  • Blomkvist is about to turn Henrik down, but Henrik sweetens the deal.
  • At the end of the year, he'll give Blomkvist the information he needs to prove that Hans-Erik Wennerström's a scoundrel. Well, then….

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