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The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo Chapter 7

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Chapter 7

Friday, January 3

  • It's about 9am. Blomkvist, Erika Berger, and Krister Malm, Millennium's art director, are at the Millennium offices.
  • Blomkvist is breaking the news to Erika that he's accepting Henrik's offer and spending a year in Hedeby. She is not pleased, but sees that his mind is made up.
  • She's afraid he'll never come back. She's afraid of losing him.
  • Around 1:30pm, Armansky calls Salander and tells her that Dirk Frode has stopped the investigation into Blomkvist and Hans-Erik Wennerström.
  • She doesn't like stopping investigations before they are finished. What she likes is finding out people's secrets.

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