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The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo Chapter 8

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Chapter 8

Friday, January 3 – Sunday, January 5

  • It's below zero degrees when Blomkvist gets to Hedeby Island on Friday.
  • After showing Blomkvist to the guesthouse, Henrik gives him a little tour of the area, pointing out some family suspects, most importantly:
  • Suspect 1: Harald Vanger, Henrik's 92-year-old brother, hermit, and lifelong member of the Nazi party. Henrik doesn't speak to him.
  • Suspect 2: Isabella Vanger, 75 years old, mother of Harriet. A hands-off parent with few mothering skills.
  • Suspect 3: Cecilia Vanger, 56 now, 20 when Harriet disappeared. She's Harald's daughter, but has nothing to do with him. Henrik likes her. Her sister Anita lives in London.
  • Suspect 4: Martin Vanger, 54, Harriet's brother, and Vanger Corporation CEO. Martin built his current home in 1978 when he replaced Henrik as CEO. He's not married.
  • Blomkvist says he doesn't think he can solve the mystery, but he'll try. He hopes to work on it even when he serves his prison term later in the year.
  • Freezing, Blomkvist goes back the guesthouse and unpacks. He tries to call Berger all night.
  • Henrik's files on Harriet are delivered around 2pm on Saturday, and he inventories them.
  • That night a cat meows at the door and Blomkvist lets her in and feeds her.
  • Sunday evening, he carefully reads the police investigation conducted by Detective Morell.
  • Morell's interview of Martin Vanger was short since Martin was stuck on the other side of the island at the time of Harriet's disappearance.
  • He reads the interview with Anita Vanger (another suspect), fifty-five years old, sister of Cecilia, and friend of Harriet. She told Morell she hadn't talked to Harriet the day she disappeared.
  • Blomkvist learns that Harriet's purse, wallet, and clothes were found in her bedroom.
  • The investigation is thorough, but there are still no leads. Eventually, it's called off.

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