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The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo Chapter 9

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Chapter 9

Monday, January 6 – Wednesday, January 8

  • On Monday morning, Blomkvist goes to Henrik's and runs into Martin coming out of the house.
  • Martin welcomes Blomkvist and tells him to stop in for dinner some time soon.
  • Salander hesitates before going into the office of Advokat Nils Erik Bjurman, her new guardian.
  • (Flashback)
  • When Salander is thirteen, she's committed to a psychiatric hospital for children.
  • Holger Palmgren is appointed her guardian. She's released from the hospital at fifteen.
  • She gets in some trouble, and is arrested for assault at seventeen after defending herself against a man who tries to attack her. The court is ready to re-institutionalize her, believing her to be violent.
  • But Palmgren comes to the rescue, convincing the court to let her stay free. Palmgren and Salander have a warm, trusting relationship for over a decade.
  • Last year, Palmgren has a brain hemorrhage and Salander last sees him in the critical ward.
  • Now she has a new guardian whom she doesn't like. He's stopped her access to her bank account, and is just giving her an allowance. She makes about 160,000 kroner a year.
  • Blomkvist has interviewed Henrik for five hours, and is transcribing his notes.
  • He makes a list of forty suspects, some of them already dead, and finally goes to sleep at 3:30am.
  • The next day, he's back at the Vanger family history.
  • Harriet's father, Gottfried Vanger, drowned the year before Harriet disappeared.
  • Three of Henrik's four brothers became Nazis.
  • During World War II, Henrik helps smuggle a Jewish woman, Edith, out of Nazi Germany, and then falls in love with her and marries her. She dies early, in 1958.
  • Harald hates Henrik because Henrik married a Jewish woman.

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