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The Glass Menagerie Scene Five

By Tennessee Williams

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Scene Five

  • Legend on the screen says "Annunciation." This is a biblical reference to when the angel tells Mary she got pregnant and the savior is coming.
  • Tom narrates to us about The Paradise Dance Hall across the street from the Wingfield’s apartment. He says people go there to escape their mundane lives.
  • Amanda joins him in the porch while they discuss Laura – Tom has coerced one of his friends into being a gentleman caller.
  • When Tom says this, a blast of music hits the audience. Williams is really into this whole drama thing.
  • Amanda is all excited and freaks out because she has to primp herself and her house and her daughter for the big occasion.
  • Then she harps on the fact that this guy (with the Irish last name of "O’Connor") better not be a drinker, because Tom’s father drank and we all know how that turned out.
  • The music gets ominous while they discuss Laura and her peculiarities (you know, the glass fetish and the crippled leg).
  • Tom the movies. Where else would he go?
  • Amanda and Laura wish on the moon, accompanied by the screen projection of...a moon.

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