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The Glass Menagerie Scene Four

By Tennessee Williams

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Scene Four

  • Tom comes home late and drunk and tries to sneak in quietly.
  • He runs into Laura and tells her all about the movies and shows he saw and totally ruins the endings for her.
  • There is discussion of a coffin and how one might escape from a coffin. Oh, and then the picture of their father lights up.
  • The next morning, Tom and Amanda aren’t speaking. Ah, family.
  • Laura heads out onto the fire escape but slips on her way out.
  • The lights illuminate Amanda and "Ave Maria" plays.
  • So Tom apologizes, because you can’t be angry at a person who makes "Ave Maria" magically come out of the air.
  • Amanda discusses the plight of Laura (so she comes up on the screen) and how Tom needs to find her some "gentleman callers." And by that we mean set her up on a date with a boy who doesn’t drink.
  • She is concerned that Tom is taking after his father.
  • Tom defends his nightly movie-going experience. He likes the adventure.
  • Amanda calls Tom selfish. Well, actually, she calls him selfish, selfish, selfish in that great, nagging, mothering tone.
  • The screen displays the cover of a glamour magazine as Amanda makes more humiliating and pleading phone calls in an attempt to get subscribers.

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