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The Glass Menagerie Scene Two

By Tennessee Williams

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Scene Two

  • The screen has an image of blue roses.
  • Laura is polishing her tiny collection of glass animals (a glass menagerie – get it?)
  • When Amanda approaches, Laura puts away the glass and pretends she was typing on her typewriter.
  • Amanda is thoroughly pissed off. This tends to happen a lot.
  • Turns out Laura has been playing hooky from typing school and Amanda just found out at her DAR meeting (Daughters of the American Revolution).
  • The screen projects a bunch of typewriters, in case you didn’t know what a typewriter looks like.
  • Laura gives her excuse: she’s painfully shy to the point of nausea and has a crippled leg that makes her hobble.
  • Laura responds to the accusations by...playing the Victrola (a CD player but way cooler).
  • The screen says "The Crust of Humility."
  • Amanda expounds on this crust – it is the result of not marrying, she says.
  • Laura reveals that she used to have a crush on this demigod of high school boys, Jim.
  • The screen projects a picture of Jim for us.
  • Jim used to call her "Blue Roses."
  • Amanda denies that Laura is crippled and daydreams about her missing husband’s charm.

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