Study Guide

Go Set a Watchman Chapter 14

By Harper Lee

Chapter 14

  • Jean Louise visits her Uncle Jack to ask him his opinion on Atticus and the racist meeting.
  • He evades the question, talking about the Depression and poetry and Christian philosophy.
  • He also talks about the Civil War and tells Jean Louise to "leave the slaves out of it" (14.105).
  • He shifts the topic of conversation to government control. The government is getting too big, he says.
  • According to him, the South is losing its identity, and what's new is not going to be good.
  • His conclusion contains more cryptic talk: "What was incidental to the issue in our War Between the States is incidental to the issue in the war we're in now, and is incidental to the issue in your own private war" (14.164).
  • Jean Louise doesn't understand, and we're not sure if we do either. Is he still talking about black people?

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