Study Guide

Go Set a Watchman Chapter 2

By Harper Lee

Chapter 2

  • Atticus Finch, a man who wears two watches (weird), is sitting with his sister, Alexandra, and waiting for his daughter to arrive.
  • And here she is! The prodigal daughter has returned.
  • She wants to know everything that's happened in Maycomb since her last visit.
  • Aunt Alexandra tells her that Cousin Edgar's son died.
  • Atticus seems to think that because the boy died after eating "a dozen bananas and [washing] 'em down with a pint of whiskey" and that "it wasn't sad at all" (2.20).
  • Two thoughts. 1. That is not how you make bananas foster. 2. We thought Atticus was nice.
  • Topic of conversation shifts to Jean Louise's clothes, which Aunt Alexandra doesn't approve of. Looks like she hasn't changed.
  • Jean Louise argues with her aunt until Atticus says "That'll do, Scout" (2.51) using her childhood nickname.
  • She and Atticus make plans to play golf, and Jean Louise putts a few balls around the living room, using a spittoon as her goal.
  • Soon, talk turns to politics, namely a recent Supreme Court decision, and how Jean Louise and Atticus aren't happy about it.
  • "The state's not getting a conviction in that case was our worst blunder since Pickett's Charge," i.e, the battle that lost the Civil War for the Confederacy in 1863 (2.90).
  • As Henry gets ready to leave, he and Jean Louise make a date for seven-thirty that night.