Study Guide

Go Tell It on the Mountain Tough-o-Meter

By James Baldwin


(4) Base Camp

If you're not well-versed on Bible quotes you might find all the references a little confusing, but you're in good hands with Baldwin… he guides you through every switchback on this narrative hiking trail. And we're more than happy to pick up any slack—check out our "Shout Outs" section for all your Bible-quote questions.

Just makes sure you pack some Dramamine on your trek up to Base Camp, because the flashbacks, and the pogo-sticking through various people's consciousnesses and memories, can make you a little woozy. It's not tough, it's just slightly dizzying.

But you know what else is dizzying? Baldwin's genius. You'll have birdies circling your head by the time you finish this novel, but it's oh so worth it.