Study Guide

Vellya Paapen in The God of Small Things

By Arundhati Roy

Vellya Paapen

Vellya Paapen is Velutha's father. He's a Paravan, which means he belongs to the Untouchable class, at the bottom of the social totem pole. Vellya Paapen used to deliver coconuts to Pappachi and Mammachi's house, but Pappachi would never let him come inside. Vellya Paapen feels extremely indebted to Mammachi and her family because, after he lost his eye in an accident, she bought him a glass one. He felt extremely unworthy of such a gesture and kisses up to Mammachi at all times. Vellya Paapen grew up at a time where caste rules were extremely rigid, so he's terrified when he discovers that Velutha is having an affair with Ammu. He even offers to kill his son for what he's done.