Study Guide

Going Bovine Chapter 10

By Libba Bray

Chapter 10

Of What Happens When I Find Myself on a Dark Country Road and the Sky Rains Fire

  • Despite how drowsy his meds make him feel, Cam still can't sleep.
  • He's been under house arrest until tonight, so he smokes up and heads to Eubie's, where Eubie scolds Cam for being miserable and never trying new things.
  • Cam smokes a joint as he bikes home and is generally content with the world; he takes the long way home through cotton fields and cow pastures.
  • It looks like a nasty storm is brewing, though, and Cam's suddenly frightened to be out in the middle of nowhere by himself.
  • Lightening strikes a tree nearby and makes him crash his bike. The tree catches fire and then bits of the burning tree break off, forming giant fire monsters that come right for Cam.
  • Understandably, Cam is terrified, so he rushes away on his banged-up bike for home. Then he sees a huge dude in black armor with a sword standing in the middle of the road… Umm, okay.
  • Lightening strikes again and the dude disappears; Cam hurries home in the storm.
  • Back in the safety of his bedroom, Cam tries to search online for what he just saw. He wants to blame bad weed or the hit he took to his head when he crashed his bike, so he looks up "bad pot experiences." After countless images of hapless frat boys, he sees a link to Follow the Feather, a website that features a picture of a feather that looks just like the one Cam found in his room.
  • When he clicks the link, there's an image of the "It's a Small World" ride; the song plays as a feather floats into the middle of the screen. He clicks it and it takes him to a guy in a lab coat, standing by a messy desk in front of a huge snow globe collection.
  • The science guy prattles on about the illusion of death, eleven dimensions, whether there's a God, and other inanities—and then he says that he's about to embark on a trip to other worlds searching for proof. Cam is befuddled and wants to watch the clip again, but when he tries, it's just the roadrunner saying "That's it for now, kids."
  • Next thing Cam knows, his alarm clock is going off and his mom is rushing about trying to get them ready to leave for school.
  • Cam is overwhelmed by the stench of burning plastic, so he keeps telling his mom and Jenna that the toaster is overheating (it's glitchy like that). When he unplugs it, though, it bursts into flames… and then into flame monsters. Cam falls to the floor in a seizure, terrifying his mom and sister.