Study Guide

Going Bovine Chapter 12

By Libba Bray

Chapter 12

Wherein, Now That I'm Officially Screwed, a Pep Rally Is Celebrated on My Behalf, and Staci Johnson Gives Me the Time of Day

  • Cam runs through his afterlife options based on different religious beliefs and comes to the conclusion that he's pretty screwed no matter what he does.
  • He decides one of the ways to cope with his death sentence is total denial. Hey, it could work.
  • His imminent demise makes his school freak out and plan a pep rally in his honor.
  • On a positive note, Staci Johnson is now paying attention to Cam. Sure, it's because he's dying, but he'll take what he can get.
  • The pep rally is wired live into Cam's bedroom (since he's already bedridden) and basically just makes him bitter since it's not like a pep rally will help him live longer or anything like that.
  • While watching, he sees the punk angel girl again, this time in the stands of the gymnasium, and when she spreads her wings they say "Hello, Cameron!"
  • Fade to black.