Study Guide

Going Bovine Chapter 15

By Libba Bray

Chapter 15

Of What Happens When I Am Assigned a Mission of Crazy Importance or Just Plain Craziness. Because Sometimes It's Hard to Know the Difference.

  • When Cam wakes up again, the punk-rock angel is standing at the foot of the bed, brightly welcoming him back to consciousness.
  • He's convinced she's either here to usher him into the afterlife or a hallucination that he needs to blink away. But then he touches her wings; when they feel real, he's incredulous.
  • Dulcie—the angel—is there to present Cam with his mission to save the world.
  • Dr. X is a genius who's figured out how to break through time and space and has been "world-hopping." But when he came back to our dimension, he brought back dark energy, which as you might've guessed, is bad.
  • Cam needs to find Dr. X and get him to close the wormhole he left open before the whole planet goes up in flames.
  • Why dying Cameron? Well, the prions that are eating his brain are from the same dark matter, and these malformed proteins will help Cam see things that other people can't, enabling him to follow the obscure signs to find Dr. X.
  • Dr. X has been communicating through tabloid code, so Cam needs to decipher and follow that. Sounds easy enough.
  • On the upside, Dr. X is the only person who can cure Cam.
  • Dulcie gives him a Disney E-ticket bracelet, which happens to be one of Dr. X's early experiments. This will help keep Cam's symptoms at bay for about two weeks so he can accomplish his mission. After that, though, it's sayonara.
  • Oh, and there's a caveat: He has to take Gonzo with him. Every epic quest has a sidekick character.
  • Cam says he has to think about it. Which, well, duh.


  • His family and Gonzo are watching stupid TV in his hospital room when Cam decides that a chance is better than nothing. He'll accept the mission.