Study Guide

Going Bovine Chapter 18

By Libba Bray

Chapter 18

In Which We Make a Stop in New Orleans and Gonzo Refuses to Eat Fish, Annoying the Crap out of Me and Our Waitress

  • Cam lets an old lady make small talk with him on the bus ride, and she hands him a matchbook from the Horn and Ivory Club—the same place Eubie told him about, where Junior Webster played.
  • When they get to New Orleans they're starving, so they stop at one of the first diners they see, which is packed because it's Fat Tuesday.
  • When it comes time to order, Gonzo is panicked; he's never eaten seafood because of potential allergies or mercury content, and he won't eat the salad bar because of listeria—so he ends up ordering a grilled cheese.
  • The French Quarter is nuts. The parade is full of all kinds of crazy, but one float in particular stands out to Cam. It has two gates, one white and the other gray with a horn on it, and some dude named Morpheus is waxing philosophical.
  • Cam decides the matchbook from the Horn and Ivory is a sign, so that's their next stop.