Study Guide

Going Bovine Chapter 2

By Libba Bray

Chapter 2

Wherein the Cruelties of High School are Recounted, and the Stoner Dudes of the Fourth-Floor Bathroom Offer Me Subpar Weed and a Physics Lesson

  • Cameron and his classmates are suffering through a testing-oriented regurgitation of Don Quixote (in which themes and factoids are apparently more important than understanding and appreciating the classic tale).
  • Chet King is cracking wise, and we get the feeling Cameron isn't a huge fan of the ex-football star. He was All-State until he cracked two vertebrae near his neck, and now he's an intolerable, self-promoting, born-again Christian who will tell his sob story to anyone who'll applaud his positive outlook.
  • Oh, and Cameron's twin sister Jenna is dating him, so that's strike two.
  • The Spanish teacher, Mrs. Rector, is helping out the English teacher in a kind of educational cross-pollination, not that it's making Cameron any more interested in the subject at hand.
  • Just as he's nodding off, he thinks that the classroom is engulfed in flames. He jumps up and knocks his chair over before he realizes everything's fine. He deploys a cover story about a giant cockroach on his desk. Nice one, Cam.
  • He gets a hall pass to get the janitor to spray for bugs, but takes it up to the fourth floor men's room where there's a gathering of stoners, including Kevin, Kyle, and Rachel—a.k.a. The Conspiracy Theory and Gaming Society.
  • They smoke some weed and discuss Shrödinger's Cat.
  • We meet Gonzo, an afroed dwarf gamer aficionado. He's going to try to beat the high score on the Captain Carnage arcade game after school, which is apparently a big deal.
  • Kyle has made a pretty weak model of Stonehenge, which isn't all that important to our story other than the fact that they promptly re-name it "S***henge," which is hysterical.