Study Guide

Going Bovine Chapter 21

By Libba Bray

Chapter 21

In Which Junior Webster's Cryptic Message Does Not Become Any More Uncryptic, and the Worst Pictures Ever Taken of Us Are Circulated

  • Following the signs, Cam and Gonzo are back at the bus station to catch a ride to the YA! Party House in Daytona, Florida.
  • While they're waiting for their bus to depart, two cops show up flashing a flyer around with their faces on it. Uh-oh—these two are officially considered missing children now.
  • They scramble onto the bus in time to ditch the cops before they're discovered.
  • The boys play cards and talk about deep matters to pass the time. Gonzo is cryptic about what his "type" is, and Cam admits that his "type" is anyone who'd have him, but particularly that evil spawn Staci Johnson.
  • Cam's wristband that's supposed to extend his health is starting to wear down, and the colors next to Adventureland are totally gone while Frontierland is starting to fade. He starts having tremors and twitches on his right side; he prays he won't have a seizure on the bus.
  • Out in the distance he sees fire giants getting stronger.
  • Cam falls asleep and he's back in his hospital bed, where his mom is going to read more Don Quixote to him. She reminisces about taking him to the library as a little boy and regrets that they stopped doing things together. Pretty dang sad, actually.
  • He has other visitors, too. Eubie comes by and plays him "Cypress Grove Blues" and Cam wishes he could wake up to tell him about Junior; his Dad sits on his bed and reads from a physics paper he's grading. Cam can hear the coyote and the roadrunner on the TV in the corner, and the old lady stops by to tell him not to forget about the house by the sea.