Study Guide

Going Bovine Chapter 22

By Libba Bray

Chapter 22

Wherein the Angel Discusses the Wonders of Microwave Popcorn and Gonzo Gets Our Asses Stranded in the Middle of Nowhere

  • Cam wakes up early to find Dulcie sitting in the seat in front of him. Cam tries to get some answers out of her, but she's cryptic as ever. She tries to get him to see that right now, he's finally living—not in the biological sense, but in the carpe diem way.
  • The bus stops for gas somewhere in Mississippi, and the boys disembark to get more supplies and so Gonzo can play the Mega XL Death Captain Carnage arcade game. They have to be back on the bus in ten minutes or else they'll leave without them, though, so Cam tells Gonzo to keep a lookout while he makes a call on a payphone.
  • He calls home and reaches Jenna. She wants him to come home, but he just wants her to pass on the message that he's okay and they shouldn't worry about him.
  • Cam is starting to think this whole plan is crazy.
  • He goes to get back on the bus… and it isn't there. Gonzo was so distracted by the stupid game that the bus left without them. Way to go, Gonzo.