Study Guide

Going Bovine Chapter 23

By Libba Bray

Chapter 23

Wherein We Take a Van Ride with Possible Serial Killers

  • Cam is pretty angry as they walk along a dirt road in the Middle of Nowhere, Mississippi.
  • It's officially an emergency, so Gonzo calls his Mom. Unfortunately, though, instead of being the voice of reason, his mom freaks Gonzo out by telling him they found a spot on his lung in an X-Ray; Gonzo dives headfirst into full-blown hypochondriac attack. Cam loses it, saying that maybe Gonzo needs to get away from his mom before she wrecks his life. Unsurprisingly, this doesn't go over well.
  • The guys fight (Gonzo defending his mom, Cam lashing out in frustration), then split up to look for any signs of civilization.
  • Cam has another fire giant/symptoms attack. This time, a fire giant basically does an incendiary version of CPR on him, and then suddenly he hears Glory's voice paging his doctor. He sees himself being rushed through the hospital on a gurney, and then—bam—he's back in the middle of the road with Gonzo screaming that he's about to get hit by a van.
  • The occupants of the van are some neo-hippy-types wearing matching CESSNAB T-Shirts.
  • The CESSNAB people insist that Cam and Gonzo come back to their compound so a doctor can see to Cam.
  • Gonzo is pretty sure they're serial killers, but they go with them for a lack of better options.