Study Guide

Going Bovine Chapter 25

By Libba Bray

Chapter 25

About What Happens When I Learn the Secret of Perfect Bowling and the Revolution Goes Down Big-time

  • Cameron and Gonzo stay at the CESSNAB compound for five days, and Cam has officially drunk the Kool-Aid. Or should we say drank the smoothies?
  • Gonzo has tried talking some sense into Cam, but to no avail.
  • Cam goes to see if he can check Don Quixote out from the library, but all they have is a million copies of Don't Hurt Your Happiness. The upside is that he meets Library Girl, a pleasantly sardonic girl who seems like she doesn't fit in at CESSNAB.
  • Library Girl tells Cam to meet her at the bowling lanes, where she reveals the fact that the lanes are rigged with magnets so no matter what you do or where you aim, you'll get a strike every time.
  • Library Girl explains to Cam that being happy all the time actually isn't the way to go, and then coerces him into helping her lead the revolution.
  • The Revolution involves people wearing shirts with sad/stoned/angry faces on them and chanting slogans while Library Girl reads Hamlet into the universal radio station feed.
  • Cam is knocked out by an irate Daniel, who wants to preserve his happiness at all costs.