Study Guide

Going Bovine Chapter 26

By Libba Bray

Chapter 26

In Which Some People's Happiness Gets Its Butt Kicked and Gonzo and I Make Our Escape

  • While Cam is unconscious (which he decides is a decent state to be in), he sees his family sitting in the hospital looking ragged and pale, and he sees Glory changing out an IV bag, asking if he's awake in there.
  • Cam awakens to see a grumpy Daniel, who is charged with interrogating him about the Revolution and super unhappy that the smoothie machine got broken.
  • Cam's punishment? He has to bowl. The whole "church" is watching his punishment, and when the ball goes right into the gutter (because they've fixed the lanes to be normal again) the happy-folk lose their ever-lovin' minds.
  • Gonzo finds Cam amongst the chaos and they skedaddle outta there.