Study Guide

Going Bovine Chapter 27

By Libba Bray

Chapter 27

Wherein We Crash at the Mister Motel and I Learn Some Stuff About the Ayatollah of Harsh

  • The boys take a room at a disgusting motel where the only thing new in the room is an orange balloon advertising a used car lot.
  • Gonzo wants to call his mom, but the boys have about three dollars between the two of them, so they can't even afford that.
  • Cam lays into Gonzo about having an asthma attack, and suggests that his mom is trying to push him into an early grave so she can go back to living her life. Harsh, dude.
  • Gonzo confesses that he hates his mom for making him feel weak, but then he and Cam break the somber mood by cracking jokes about his idea of retaliation (burying the toy cars his mom gave him).
  • Gonzo asks Cam if he ever thinks about dying. Uh… Yeah, duh, he's currently dying, so of course he's been thinking about it non-stop.