Study Guide

Going Bovine Chapter 29

By Libba Bray

Chapter 29

In Which I Learn That Two Very Small People Can Add Up to a Major Pain in the Ass and We Nearly Bite It at the Konstant Kettle

  • Gonzo is a grumpy dwarf. He's acting disgruntled, claiming it's because he has to eat breakfast with a "delusional yard gnome," though he's actually mad because he thinks Balder isn't copping to the fact that he's a dwarf due to lack of pride in his stature.
  • Balder wants to prove his immortality to Gonzo, so he gets him to stab him in the stomach. Turns out he can't be harmed because his mother asked all the Gods to protect him after he had a bad dream. Thanks, Ma.
  • Cam calls home again because the horrific spelling of the diner's name makes him think of his mom and her irritation with the erosion of American education. He leaves a really sweet voicemail to let her know he loves her and she's important. If you'll excuse us for a moment, we seem to have something in our eye.
  • Dulcie shows up again (it's about dang time) to show Cam recent footage of Dr. X rambling about how time doesn't exist.
  • Dulcie is then strangely disturbed by a Snow Globe Wholesaler guy who delivers snow globes to the diner.
  • When Cam gets back to the dining room, there's one heck of a commotion. Gonzo and Balder have bonded in a big way, and now they're challenging other diners to throw stuff at/try to hurt Balder as some kind of money-making racket. Oh goodie.
  • All of a sudden, the diner explodes. The fire giants are there, and they mean business; the Wizard is there, too.
  • Conveniently, Cameron starts having an attack.
  • Just as Cam thinks he's going to be sucked into the black hole in the Wizard's chest, he is transported to a pastoral scene by the sea. The lady from the hospital is there, and he has a strange dream sequence involving St. Jude's, the diner, and a roadrunner.
  • Just as the three amigos escape the restaurant (which is still on fire), the whole place gets sucked up into a swirling black hole in the sky, leaving only flames and, oddly, the diner's collection of snow globes. That has to be significant, right?
  • Gonzo has just about had it with the whole end-of-the-world scene. He's ready to call his mom and go home unless Cam can offer some proof that Dulcie is real and the whole dark energy stuff isn't just Cam's psycho imagination.
  • Cam can't really prove anything, but Balder helps him convince Gonzo that it's worth sticking around for friendship's sake.
  • Following the signs, Cam decides their next step is to buy a used car.