Study Guide

Going Bovine Chapter 30

By Libba Bray

Chapter 30

In Which We Buy a Car and the Gnome Gets a New Outfit

  • Seeing as the boys only have three grand, their options for a ride are pretty slim.
  • However, good old Arthur Limbaud (the car lot owner) has just the thing: A Cadillac Rocinante that's pretty beat up and has horns wired onto the front bumper. Still, it'll do.
  • Just as we are starting to believe Arthur is likeable, he compares cars to women. So much for his likeability.
  • The boys run into a snag: Arthur needs a parent's signature to sell them a car, seeing as they're not legal adults. Balder tries to Jedi-mind-trick the guy, but it only leads to Arthur coveting him as a new commercial gimmick.
  • They promise to send Arthur a new talking gnome (minus the bugs), and it's a deal.
  • Balder pees on Arthur in response to his maltreatment, so the boys steal him new clothes from a toy store. He opts for half a wetsuit and a surfboard.
  • In his travels, Balder has met Silas Fenton, the director of the Star Fighter movies that everyone's obsessed with.
  • Gonzo and Balder's friendship continues to blossom.