Study Guide

Going Bovine Chapter 31

By Libba Bray

Chapter 31

Wherein We Make Up Bumper Stickers and I Introduce the Joys of the Great Tremolo

  • To pass the time Cam, Gonzo and Balder make up clever bumper stickers—and really, they're pretty good. If Cam weren't dying he'd have quite the future.
  • They do all the typical road trip-type stuff, and they're having a blast.
  • It isn't all good, though, and Cam's hallucinations have gotten more frequent; he's seeing the "Small World" characters on billboards and road signs now.
  • Gonzo reveals that the Copenhagen Interpretation played for his people. They shot down from the sky and while they played peace reigned; then the sky sucked them back up and they were gone.
  • When a storm rolls through, the radio fizzles out on them and Cam introduces them to the Great Tremolo. Gonzo is crying from laughing so hard.