Study Guide

Going Bovine Chapter 33

By Libba Bray

Chapter 33

In Which I Pick Up a Necessary Part

  • Cam and Dulcie goof around playing charades under the wishing tree.
  • Cam goes through another dream sequence. It starts out bouncing between the hospital room and his family, then moves to the lady with the house by the sea, a laughing Dulcie, and then the Wizard of Reckoning and his fire giants show up and wreck everything. When Cam wakes up, Dulcie is gone, though she's left a feather for him to sniff as a souvenir.
  • Cam walks back to the car where Gonzo and Balder are still snoring away, and Old Man Hardware tells him he got his car working again. He also has something Cam needs, so he beckons Cam to come inside the store.
  • Inside the store there are drawers covered with a layer of dust, each one labeled new, used, or necessary. We approve of this organization system.
  • The old man finally finds what he's looking for in one of the drawers marked necessary—an old, rusty screw which he says is magic and has the power to change a life.
  • Cam is dubious, to say the least. The old man insists he shut his eyes and put out his hand to receive it, and Cam is convinced he's going to be impaled with the tetanus-ridden thing. The old man scolds him for not having any faith in his fellow man, and Cam is chastised into accepting the random gift.
  • Pops tells him the screw controls his destiny.
  • Cam walks back out to the car.