Study Guide

Going Bovine Chapter 35

By Libba Bray

Chapter 35

Of What Happens When I Take a Little Trip Through Time and Space. Calabi Yau!

  • Gonzo tries to talk Cam out of going into the Infinity Collider, and their conversation gets pretty deep. They have a debate about whether time is elastic or one big soup, and how maybe in another dimension Cam might get to live.
  • Cam tries to find out more about where Dr. X went from Ed (the little boy), but he's not particularly helpful while he's watching his roadrunner cartoons.
  • Balder hunted down a deer so that they can feast like kings before Cam goes to his potential death.
  • Oh man… The next morning Gonzo and Cam are written up in the paper as terrorists, and Dr. T is not pleased to be harboring fugitives from justice.
  • Cam comes clean about his mission, and the doctors are back on board for the sake of science.
  • They dress Cam in a jumpsuit, plastic safety goggles, and a roller derby helmet, and Ed gives him a rabbit's foot.
  • In Cam goes. It starts out dark, but once they start playing CI (Copenhagen Interpretation), things start to get freaky-deaky. He's squished, he's stretched, he's taken apart and rearranged. Then he starts seeing a series of images—a mixture of things that have happened and things that are strange amalgamations of pop culture and fantasy. The music crescendos and he blacks out from the pressure of it all.
  • When he wakes up, the Calabi Yau manifold is smoking, but everything has gone still. He opens the door and… he's still in the same universe. Everyone he thought he was leaving behind is right there in front of him.
  • Ed retrieves the rabbit foot from Cam's pocket. Though Cam could wear it was white when the kid gave it to him, it has brown streaks on it now. All Ed says, however, is "Huh, thought so." Strange kid.
  • The scientists are elated and excitedly start running tests.
  • Gonzo, Cam, and Balder are getting ready to leave. Ed gives Cam his Calabi Yau model to play with. He insists Dr. X went to tomorrow, and Cam is confused; then Ed points to his E-ticket meter (Tomorrowland) and says he should get some souvenir ears. Uh…
  • Then a cat shows up, and it's Schrödinger. So maybe Cam is in another dimension after all?